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franchise proposal

The first Bridge store, started its operation by the K. Vlachakis family in 2011, on the border of Piraeus with Drapetsona on the historic “Bridge of Rebetis”, on Agios Dimitrios 2 and Ethnikis Antistaseos. It quickly became a favorite of the local consumers and nowadays, is considered as one of the most prominent coffee stores in Greece.
Today, Bridge Coffee Roasters possesses the appropriate Organizational and Logistical infrastructure featuring a Quality Control Laboratory, Roasting & Packaging Facilities, a Training Center, Administration Offices and Accounting Department, as well as a Marketing Department and a state-of-the-art Call Center.

The company

Bridge Urban Coffee Roasters adopts the Franchising strategy for its development, providing a complete business operating system and integrated support to the branch network. The main product is high quality coffee originating from all over the world, as well as a wide range of drinks, savory dishes, sweets and utensils for the home or office. The modern Production Unit of the parent company is equipped with state-of-the-art coffee Processing, Roasting and Packaging equipment under ISO22000: 2005 certification, to guarantee the high quality of the final product, controlling the coffee in all stages of Production.


The Franchise business proposal of Bridge Coffee Roasters supports the creation of modern coffee stores featuring Street art aesthetics. The materials used in the shops are natural, such as wood and iron while all the furniture and decorative assets are fully custom/handmade with no elements reminiscent of mass production.
The art of coffee brewing blends with street art aesthetics. A team of Engineers and Decorators, under the artistic supervision of Mr. George Mylonas, have managed to design an in-store environment where images and colors create an unforgettable experience to the customers.

Bridge Products

Bridge Urban Coffee Roasters offer coffees of unique origin from Colombia, Ethiopia and other countries, as well as Blends of fine varieties, both for Espresso and Cappuccino, Flat White and Cold Brew, as well as filter coffees for Chemex, Aeropress, V60 and Syphon brewing methods. A wide range of other beverages such as tea and chocolate drinks, sweet and savory delicacies is also available.

Business Philosophy

By paying special attention to the end product, we offer to our customers excellent quality at the right price, with the right service, in a friendly and modern environment. The same logic applies to the Bridge Franchise option, with continuous support to our partners/licensees, in terms of product renewal, continuous supply of raw materials, but also Organization and Marketing.

Call center

Bridge Coffee Roasters, investing in the healthy relationships between its partners, has established an innovative Call Center for a more effective and faster customer service. Its role is to undertake all ordering, while promoting new products and managing customer feedback and needs. This crucial asset enables the licensee of the respective store to deal exclusively with the proper preparation and distribution of the products.

This phenomenon is strongly observed nowadays in many Francaise chains and has a direct negative impact on the profitability of the stores of each chain, as the area of ​​activity of each store is significantly reduced.

The specialization of the store in the implementation of orders and the existence of the Call Center leads to a more professional approach with better services to the consumer.

Support & Training

A key ingredient of Bridge’s success is the excellent final product, which presupposes the right method of preparation. All associates – licensees of the stores are very well trained and certified under the guidance of Mr. Fotis Vlachakis (SCA Trainer – Q Grader), so that they can offer the best possible result in the cup.
The seminars take place at the Training Center in Skaramangas. Furthermore, experienced guiding personel remain in each new store to oversee the initial period of operation. Also, seminars are being held on a regular basis covering new brewing methods, trends in the industry and various other topics.


The parent company carries out essential Marketing actions to create consumer awareness: Advertising, Performance and digital/social media marketing, brochures, pop materials, paid articles in magazines and blogs, are some of the assets the company deploys to increase market share and sales.

Competitive advantages

Bridge’s business proposition is characterized by several competitive advantages, which lead each chain store to success, while shielding it from the competition:
  • 1
    Collaboration with a very well-known and highly trusted Brand.
  • 2
    Conduct market research and feasibility study for each candidate store and area.
  • 3
    Pre-costing of the store, before signing the franchise agreement.
  • 4
    Highly modern store aesthetics, which differentiates them and makes them a pole of attraction for consumers and a meeting point.
  • 5
    Careful ergonomics of stores, which makes them fully functional with high productivity, squeezing the operating costs. Possibility of key-in-hand store completion and at the same time flexibility if the partner wants to undertake the configuration of his store himself, delivering a complete architectural study.
  • 6
    Guidance/supervision during the initial period of operation of each new store, by experienced staff of the parent company with a physical and active presence in each store.
  • 7
    Certified training of licensees and staff, which guarantees the preparation and distribution of unique, quality products, coffees and other beverages.
  • 8
    Supply with products from the production unit of the company, without intermediaries, sporting low costs and top quality.
  • 9
    Call center that undertakes all communication with the customer for ordering, promoting new products but also for managing any client requests/feedback.
  • 10
    Continuous support in matters of organization and operation, monitoring of each store to continuously improve it and increase its profitability.
  • 11
    Total support for local advertising/marketing promotions and activations,with a wide range of creative assets.
  • 12
    Nation-wide promotions on social media.

Next steps

Contact us at 2104835400 so that we can analyze closely the operation of our Company’s system and assess the development prospects in the areas that interest you.

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